Buying or starting a new practice is going into business.

Owning your own medical practice may be closer than you think!

Buying or starting a new medical practice is both exciting and daunting, but we are here to help you find the best solution for your circumstances, whether you’re looking to purchase an existing practice, or starting your very own. We understand the complexities involved in the purchasing process and can equip you with the resources that you need to run your practice effortlessly. We can help to ensure that you choose the right financial solutions, whilst still having sufficient cash flow.

There are so many questions that must be considered and answered when opening up your own medical practice and as financial brokers; we can help you with all of them.

A first class patient care Fitout.

Refurbishing your practice is a complex project; you have to decide on everything, from the brand colour, carpets, tiles, paint, plumbing, waiting room chair, consulting room desks just to name a few.

You want to design your practice to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional to provide a first-class medical experience for your patients.

We can help you find the best financial solutions to achieve the perfect fit-out, whilst still maintaining cash flow to run the practice.

In addition, we can also connect you to companies that specialise in designing and building healthcare practices.

finance options

I can help you find the best finance and still have the cash to run the practice, one less thing for you to worry about.

Also, I can connect you to companies who specialise in designing and building your dream healthcare practices.

Commercial Property Loans

Have you always imagined owning your own practice? Are you tired of paying rent and want to grow your own property portfolio? Then it is time for you to buy the practice property!

Owning your own practice property allows you to have complete ownership over the decisions that take place in the practice. For example, you can renovate it to add value to the property, which may, in turn, bring in new clients.

Commercial property loans are the solution for many small business owners who want to own their premises. We can help you find the best finance and still have the cash to run the practice.

Investors who are also looking to diversify and grow their investment property portfolio might also want to purchase a commercial property and lease it out.

Call us today and we’ll discuss the best finance option for your business. Simply arrange an appointment, outline what you need and we’ll do the rest!

Business Loans

You’ve worked hard on your medical practice to make it the success that it is today, but it’s time to grow and expand. A small business loan is an easy and fast way to help your healthcare business grow.

A working capital small business loan can be used for:

  • Cash flow
  • Purchasing new medical and office equipment
  • Renovating
  • Advertising
  • Any other business needs

Equipment Finance

The secret to first class patient care.

Patient care is what differentiates your practice from others; it’s one of the reasons the patients seek your service over your competitors. Having the best and leading-edge equipment is the secret to first-class patient care.

Did you know that equipment finance loans are available, along with equipment leasing? Equipment finance is ideal if you wish to purchase dental chairs, consulting chairs, phacoemulsification machine, vitrectomy machine, steriliser etc. Equipment leasing is best for office equipment, such as laptops, computers, phone systems and furniture.

The benefit of loans or leases for your medical and office equipment is that it doesn’t place unnecessary strain on your cash flow. It allows you to use your cash flow to enhance or improve other areas in your business.

Best of all, there are some tax advantages available to you for equipment purchases/leases. We can work with your accountant to help you work out the best asset finance option.

So, isn’t it time to invest in new equipment to provide that first-class patient care?

Talk to us and find out how we can help you.

Car Finance

You know what you want, but no time to shop for the best car deal or no time to go and test drive.

No worries.

No need to go from one dealer to another looking for the best deal on your ideal vehicle.

We can help with:

  • finding the right car at the best possible price,
  • organise for a test drive at your convenience (time and place) and
  • at the same time organise car finance.

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