Buying or starting a new practice

Buying or starting a new practice is going into business.

Buying a practice or starting a new practice is not normal working but it’s like going into business, the process is complicated.

You are most likely have endless questions:

  • Which finance options are best for me?
  • How do I manage and train my staff?
  • Do I need to buy new equipment?
  • How do I market my practice?

Owning your own practice may be closer than you think.

I can help you find the best financial solutions for your circumstance, starting from buying the practice to solutions for new equipment purchase and cashflow once you are in practice.

I can also connect you to other professions to help with managing your practice.

Talk to me, see how I can help.

I can help you find the best finance and still have the cash to run the practice, one less thing for you to worry about.

Also, I can connect you to companies who specialise in designing and building your dream healthcare practices.

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Please contact Concept Funding to discuss your business goals and objectives.

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